New York Has Spoken and It Wants More Tablescapes!

  • tablescape1 New York Has Spoken and It Wants More Tablescapes!Yesterday the people of New York voted for legacy, sanity, and reform in Albany. Did they also vote for elaborately themed tableware? 

    Incoming governor Andrew Cuomo is sort of a package deal with longtime companion Sandra Lee, star of Food Network show Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee. The future First Girlfriend is known for her holiday-themed cocktails, her quick meals made with store-bought ingredients and her baroque place settings and centerpieces, known as “Tablescapes.”

    Some have speculated that Sandra Lee’s semi-celebrity will usher in a new era of Albany society. We imagine Lee only has eyes for the mahogany dining table that Governor Paterson spent $6,750 refurbishing last August. 

    Click through to tour of the past and future of the Executive Mansion’s dining room. 

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