No Boardwalk Brooklyn Brewery to Go with Our Atomic Wings? How About a Shake Shack Shake?

So maybe instead of upscale, the Coney Island concretewalk-to-be will trade in downmarket for mass-market.

There has been a fair deal of handwringing over yesterday’s announcement that nine out of 11 boardwalk stalwarts will be gone next year. “People in the summer love to come in for a drink in their bikinis and bathing suits. It won’t be the same when they’re told to dress up because it’s a ‘high-class place,'” Melody Sarrel, owner of the 76-year-old Ruby’s, told the Post.

The same article, as well as The Times‘ account, reported that Brooklyn Brewery was a candidate to replace the old timers. Yet the L Magazine points out that this is not the case, and even notes that The Times expunged its refernce to the boro’s favorite sudsmaker without also adding a correction.

“Perhaps their source had mentioned a Brooklyn brewery, not the Brooklyn Brewery,” Dan D’Ippolito, the brewery’s communications coordinator, wrote in an e-mail to a boycott-proposer. “We have not discussed building or operating a beer garden in Coney Island–nor do we have any interest in doing so.”

So what can beachgoers look forward to? Atomics Wings and Shake Shack, says the News. Our favorites!

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