Nope-rah: Winfrey Never Even Looked at Jersey’s Most Expensive Manse

The hearts of a million North Jersey housewives were just broken.

Yesterday, the Post reported that Chicago’s favorite daughter, Oprah Winfrey, was looking at a home in Alpine, America’s ritziest zip code, according to Forbes. And not just any home but the $68 million mansion built by real estate investor Richard Kurtz, the most expensive property on the market in the state.

Deservedly so, if the Sotheby’s listing is to be believed. Instead of an address, we get “An American Masterpiece.” The listing also declares: “On the only gated street in Northern N.J., never before has a home of this grandeur, quality, technology, in the nations wealthiest zip code (Forbes ’08), eight miles to New York City been available.”

Sadly, no one will be jumping on the couches in this ostentatious 30,000-square-foot mansion any time soon. Ms. Winfrey tweeted out a few hours ago that she never even saw the place. “No truth to me looking for a house in Jersey. No idea who started that rumor. Been in Chicago all week working.”

Maybe she can give everyone in Alpine a new Escalade to make up for the slight.

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