Now It’s Personal: Apple Taking on Teen Who Sold White iPhones

Apple is ready to play hardball with Fei Lam, the teenager from Queens who built a six-figure business selling parts for the unreleased white iPhone 4.

According to Lam’s attorney, Andrew M. Jaffe, private investigator Jimmy Robbins, who first contacted Lam, was working for Apple.

But when Jaffe called Robbins, he was informed that Robbins was off the case, and Apple was handling it personally. “Now we’re just waiting to hear from them officially,” said Jaffe.

Since The Observer broke this story, Lam has had a hectic couple days. “Traffic to the site this month is equal to all the other months combined,” Lam told The Observer. “I am just overwhelmed with emails.” 

The story of Lam’s entreprenurial genius made news around the world and was picked up this afternoon by several major papers in China. However, it was not clear until now who exactly was going after Lam. “I’m feeling pretty stressed, knowing it’s the Almighty Apple who is coming after me,” Lam said.

The Observer has reached out to Apple for comment.