Now the Upper West Side Wants to Toss Its Bike Lanes

The bicycle backlash has moved uptown.

After decrying bike lanes in the East Village and on Prospect Park West, New Yorkers are now inflamed over the green stripes running down Columbus Avenue. According to DNA Info, shop owners and drivers (who else?) say the lack of parking–the lane replaced spaces on the strip between 77th and 96th streets–is hurting both business and pleasure. Even the Post‘s venerable real estate columnist Steve Cuozzo has called the lane a horror. Lane opponents are expected to speak out at tonight’s community board meeting.

Still, with the notorious exception of Bedford Avenue, no lanes have yet been removed once they were up, including the most recent assault on the Prospect Park lane. Once everyone shifts gears and gets used to the changes, this latest hub-bub will die down, too.

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