Personally, Bloomberg Would Like Rangel to Stay

WASHINGTON, D.C. — After a press conference on the 9/11 health care bill this afternoon, Mayor Bloomberg told reporters he would like for Congressman Charlie Rangel to remain as one of the city’s representatives in Washington.

“You know, Charlie Rangel’s a friend,” he said. “I supported him. His constituents want him. The Congress has got to do what it’s got to do and decide their regulations and enforce them.

“But rememeber Charlie Rangel did a lot for New York City and we shouldn’t forget that. He also did a lot for the country–Korean War vet, he was an assistant D.A. I think, been in Congress for 40 years. And he’s always put NYC and the country’s interest up top.”

Asked specifically he personally would like Rangel to stay on, Bloomberg replied: “Yes.”