Quirky and Objet Throw a 3D Printer Party

Ben Kaufman has been named one of the brightest entrepreneurs under thirty working in America today, yet he spends his days bringing other people’s projects to life.

Kaufman’s company, Quirky, crowdsources innovation — helping to design, market and manufacture a new product each week with the help of hundreds of contributors.

Today, Israeli firm Objet stopped by the Quirky offices to talk about the lynchpin of this new industrial revolution, 3D printing.

By making it possible for anyone to cheaply and quickly design, prototype and refine a product, 3D printers are enabling a new kind of micro-manufacturing.

High-end Objet printers are used by firms like Disney, Apple, Chrysler and Cartier to design their products. But Frank Marangell, President of Objet Geometries’ North America segment, says the company is increasingly looking to design 3D printers affordable to small firms like Quirky.

“Product designs have significantly improved due to the designer’s ability to see, touch and feel the design earlier on in the process and make constant, significant improvements,” says Marangell. “From a manufacturing point of view, having an accurate model early on helps save time and resources once allotted for changes to expensive molds.”

It certainly worked for Dan Provost and Tom Gerhardt, the two young NY designers behind the Glif, a iphone mount and tripod they created with their 3D printer. The pair hoped to raise $10,000 through Kickstarter to create Glifs, but have so far raised $137,000 instead.

Quirky and Objet Throw a 3D Printer Party