Rahm Emanuel Escapes Attempted Egg Throwing, Unlucky Cameraman Does Not

A nearby journalist was the unintentional victim of an attack on Rahm Emanuel.

Someone threw an egg at Rahm Emanuel while he was out campaigning for Mayor in Chicago. Emanuel left his gig as White House Chief of Staff in September to make his mayoral bid.

The flying ovum missed Emanuel and struck a local cameraman. Emanuel kept his cool as he watched the projectile whiz by.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Emanuel when someone informed him that someone threw an egg at him.

Reports about the attempted egging didn’t reveal the identity of the cameraman or the perpetrator. The egg-throwing occurred in the Little Village neighborhood.

Mayor Bloomberg should keep his guard up. Last month, the New York Times reported that “egging confrontations” in the five boroughs “have led to at least 24 serious injuries or deaths since 1984.”