Scenes From The End Of The Trail: Harry Wilson [VIDEO]

Harry Wilson met with reporters at Grand Central Station today just as a crush of commuters was coming down the stairwell. Eventually he was joined by Gov. George Pataki, who exhorted those headed to the suburbs to “Meet Harry Wilson, your next comptroller!”

Pataki’s daughter, Emily, now an official in the Bloomberg administration, happened to be passing through the station and ended up joining her father and Wilson for some last minute stumping.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani was supposed to join the pair but never made it. However, GOP Senate hopeful Jay Townsend snuck in behind the Wilson crew to see if he wrangle any last minute votes his way.

Wilson seemed confident, and said that he was not daunted by reports that unions were making Tom DiNapoli their number one priority.

“The reality is there is a lot of support within organized labor for Democratic incumbents. I am a Republican challenger. They don’t know me. He is part of the Democratic power base, and so there is a lot of history there that I don’t have. I am actually really confident that once they understand that my proposals will actually make New York state a better place to be a working person. Because the people who get hurt the most by our tax policies in Albany are working people like my parents.”

He said that voters have come up to him often to tell him that he is the first Republican they have ever voted for, and he added that he thought Andrew Cuomo’s neutrality in the race probably ended up helping his cause.

“It will be the Democratic voters or voters who support attorney general Cuomo who may cross over and support me,” he said.  “The polls so far suggest it is a meaningful number of people. Obviously there is a lot of history between the attorney general’s and comptroller’s office in terms of investigations.”




Scenes From The End Of The Trail: Harry Wilson [VIDEO]