Scenes From The End Of The Trail: Tom DiNapoli [VIDEO]

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli stopped by labor union headquarters 32BJ this afternoon in lower Manhattan, thanking volunteers and checking in on response rates.

“It sounds like turnout is holding up in the city which is very important for us and so were feeling good about it,” the comptroller candidate said.

DiNapoli had been criss-crossing the city, trying to drum up Democratic turnout to bolster his chances against his Republican challenger, Harry Wilson.

“Tremendous amount of vote out here, I was out in Long Island as well in my home base of Nassau County, and we’ve been traveling across the state you know over in the past couple of few weeks, but obviously in the city its also easy to get around to places where there are a lot of voters,” DiNapoli said.

The comptroller race is said to be one of the state’s closest, with the most recent Siena poll having DiNapoli tied with Wilson, after a poll just last week showed him up by 17 points.

DiNapoli hopes that his last-ditch efforts will pull him ahead in the final hours.

“I think there’s a very strong field operation, we’re working all across the state to get the vote out,” he said. “I think its going to be worth three or four points easy in terms of having an impact on the final vote, so certainly in the closer races, and there’s a perception is that my race is one of the closer ones, I think its going to make a huge difference.”


Scenes From The End Of The Trail: Tom DiNapoli [VIDEO]