SLIDESHOW: Isabella Blow’s Greatest Looks

Blow sports a Philip Treacy headdress for a 2005 Alexander McQueen collection. If you look closely, you can see the whole Swiss family Robinson.

Richard Saker/The Guardian

Blow poses for Vanity Fair in 2003 in this spectacularly sunny topper. The best part? It can double as a nachos bowl.

Donald McPherson

Blow attends the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for the private view of “Fashion-ology,” Anna Piaggi’s 2006 exhibition.

Getty Images

Issie prepares to enter the Debenham House in London for the annual Krug Rose Celebration in a killer garden snake-meets-feather duster chapeau.

Getty Images

Blow poses for some press shots at her lipstick brand’s launch. This hat probably wouldn’t have worked if her last name were Cooperman or McGillicutty.

Getty Images

Blow at the 2004 Young In-Style Awards in Shanghai. If Geordi La Forge from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" went to FIT, we imagine he’d hook up something like this.

Getty Images

If only Halle Berry had worn this baby in Catwoman, the film might have stood a chance.

Vogue UK

Blow brings a dash—okay, more than a dash—of color to a Damien Hirst exhibition in 2006.

Richard Young/The Guardian

Not many people could pull this nautical design off—no matter how hard they yanked at it.

Chris Moore/ Vogue UK

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