Sloane Crosley Takes Wit Across the Pond With Column in Britain’s Independent

Just days after quitting her job as a book publicist at Vintage and Anchor, Sloane Crosley has taken on another gig. This time, however, the New York writer will have find out whether her humour appeals to the Brits.

GalleyCat reports from a statement that Crosley will have the honour of writing a column for The Independent Magazine, a Saturday inset to the centre-left Independent, beginning December 11.

“I am consistently amazed and delighted when any American humour translates,” the statement quotes Crosley as saying. “Either we’re all outrageously funny or Independent readers are the most generous and forgiving people on the planet. Either way, I am honoured to publicly take advantage of the situation by contributing to a publication I so admire.”

Writers and comedians have at times found it diffucult to bring American humour across the pond, but if Crosley can keep writing in that frank and relatable style, we’re thinking she’ll some become a new favourite of the British.

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