Still Standing: Wall Streeters Who Stuck It Out

  • “Throw him,” this month’s Hustler Editor’s Note says, “in jail.”

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  • Goldman's co-president and co-chief operating officer, Gary “We did not ‘bet against our clients’” Cohn is now the firm's sole president and COO.

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  • The JPMorgan CEO -- dubbed “The Golden Boy of Wall Street” by The Wall Street Journal -- continues to pilot his giant bank.

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  • Morgan Stanley's former CEO said of his firm, “Clearly we made mistakes.” He continues to serve as the company's chairman.

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  • Goldman's chief financial officer told Senator Carl Levin, “I think that’s very unfortunate to have on email,” referring to Tom Montag’s famous “shitty” line.

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  • Porat, who reportedly took client calls in the delivery room during her first son's birth, has moved from head of Morgan Stanley's financial institutions group to CFO.

  • Co-president of Morgan Stanley in the run-up to the crisis, Gorman is now the firm's CEO. Notable quote: “We’ve clearly lost the battle for the consumer’s ear.”

  • The Citigroup CEO complained this month about lack of warmth for bankers in New York.

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  • Mr. Price, who was sued by Cuomo along with Ken Lewis, is now president of consumer and small business banking at BofA, where he was CFO.

  • Mr. Kelly, who joined Citigroup in 2008 from the Carlyle Group, was briefly made CFO, then vice chairman, and is now chairman of global banking.

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  • Bank of America's global corporate and investment banking chief, Moynihan became general counsel just as the Merrill Lynch deal was wrapping up. Now he's BofA's CEO.

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  • Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and current Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner are said to have disliked her grandstanding. She remains nevertheless.




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