Techstars NY More Selective Than the Ivy League

techstars logo Techstars NY More Selective Than the Ivy LeagueTime’s up to apply for one of the ten spots in the inaugural class at TechStars NY, the Boulder-based startup incubator that set up shop in Union Square earlier this fall.

“Applications to @TechStars in #NYC are now closed. 579 applications mean 1.7% will be accepted,” TechStars tweeted this morning.

There is no official list of who applied, but if you follow the trail of brownnosing online, you can spot a few likely aspirants. 

KartMe, a web app for organizing bookmarks, and Text-A-Cab both put in applications, judging by the amount of kissing up they did on Twitter. One entrepreneur who got an early rejection has already uploaded a video of himself making the best of it — “Why I’m happy our 2010 TechStars application was denied” — to YouTube and Reddit.

TechStars offers promising startups up to $18,000 in cash plus three months of coddling from New York’s biggest founders and investors in exchange for about a six percent equity slice, similar to the Y Combinator program that has been called “the new model” for tech investment.

The biggest draw for entrepreneurs is the all-star lineup of 87 mentors, which include Silicon Alley notables like Dennis Crowley (FourSquare), David Karp (Tumblr), Chris Dixon (Founder Collective) and Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures).

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