U.K. TV Personality Files Lawsuit Against Sunday Times Over Alleged Rushdie Hookup

Mariella Frostrup, the Swedish-born TV and radio personality in the U.K., has filed a lawsuit against The Sunday Times of London over its September claim that she “snogged” Salman Rushdie at the author’s 2004 bachelor party, The Guardian reports.

The passage in question came from an article that claimed Mr. Rushdie “finished the evening by snogging fellow guests Nigella [Lawson], Mariella Frostrup and Dannii Minogue in a game of spin the bottle.” Among Ms. Frostrups shows are The Book Program on the cable channel Sky Arts 1, and BBC Radio’s Open Book. Mr. Rushdie has appeared on both programs.

Ms Frostrup says that she never even attended the party, which marked Mr. Rushdie’s marriage to Padma Lakshmi, adding, “I make my living presenting two serious books programmes and I do not go around snogging authors like this.”

Our own Leon Neyfakh recently covered a Salman Rushdie party, though the snogging there seemed slightly less rampant.