Water Water Everywhere: WTC Reflecting Pools Filling Up as Site Springs a Leak

The weather has been miserable of late. When a Curbed tipster noticed water accumulating in the World Trade Center memorial, it follows that it could be taken for an oversized puddle. But according to a memorial spokesperson, the water is in fact testing of the reflecting pool’s waterfalls, one of the signature features.

With barely 10 months before the 10th anniversary of 9/11, when the memorial is expected to finally open, looking at these pictures show there is a long way to go yet still not much left to do. Sure, the memorial will not be done-done by next September, but after all the in-fighting and hand-wringing over this project, each new milestone–like a couple dozen oak trees–is yet another reminder that the thing will finally get done.

Unless it all springs a leak, which kinda happened on Thursday. According to DNA Info, the retaining wall that holds back the Hudson–remember, they call it West Street for a reason–was having some technical difficulties, which allowed water from the river to seep into the construction site. The leak was contained by Friday morning, but Curbed noticed water still on the site yesterday.

Hopefully this is but a minor hiccup on the road to completion and not another rough patch come to unwind the entire redevelopment. There’s been so much good news about the site of late, it’s almost odd to hear about something going wrong.

mchaban [at] observer.com | @mc_nyo