Why the Heck Do We Vote on Tuesdays?

Know why we vote on Tuesdays? Because Sunday is the Lord’s day, and it takes at least a day to get to the polling place by horse and buggy. Wednesday, that’s market day.

Hmmm. This rationale may have been convincing in 1845, when the law was passed that made Election Day a Tuesday. Now, it’s just absurd.

As Dan Amira at Daily Intel points out, the number one reason people fail to vote is “No time off/too busy.”

Amira has a great interview with Jacob Soboroff, executive director at Why Tuesday?, a group dedicated to changing when we vote. Soboroff would prefer a Saturday/Sunday vote, and says big names like Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama have endorsed this idea.

It seems like a good idea until you realize that it will completely disenfranchise the hipster vote, who consider Friday and Saturday sacred party days, and Sunday the Lord’s way of curing a hangover.

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Why the Heck Do We Vote on Tuesdays?