A Super Deal! Plaza Hands Out City’s Priciest Staff Suite for $3 M.

Building staff get all kinds of tips for the holidays, from cash to cars to fruitcake, but what about a $3.1 million apartment?

On Christmas, The Journal reported that Edwin Pinzon, the superintendent for the recently converted Plaza, received what is probably the most expensive staff apartment in the city.

While many older buildings provide their supers with plain units on lower floors or even the basement, Mr. Pinzon’s apartment, with two bathrooms, a dining-room alcove, and 1,279 square feet of space, costs $2,428 a square foot. Similar apartments have been listed at rents topping $16,000 a month.

As The Journal points out, that beats the super’s space at the Plaza’s “sometime rival,” 15 Central Park West, where the condo board paid $2.13 million for a three-bedroom apartment, for a price of $1,632 a square foot.

This even beats out the jaw-dropping maid’s quarters bought at 15 CPW for $2.6 million last month.

If there are any openings on staff, Plaza management is welcome to contact us at the email below…

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