Anonymous ABC Employees Hate the New Boss Ben Sherwood

Many people dislike their boss. Few have the quick video editing skills of disgruntled former and current ABC News employees.

Gawker has this video of new ABC News president Ben Sherwood’s first speech to his staff, in which vimeo user “Roone Arledge” has interspersed title cards with unattributed allegations, like that he lied about his mother being sick in order to leave Good Morning America before he would have been fired, that Disney/ABC President Anne Sweeney did not consult anyone else before hiring Sherwood, and that he is “shallow and cloying.”

You’ll remember that Sherwood is professionally repugnant, but we’re not dying to have a beer with these bitter video makers, either. Based on the commentary on The Observer’s last foray into ABC’s management, ABC News employees are an anonymously and vocally malcontent bunch.

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