Brooklyn’s Etsy Gets Into The Recommendation Game

Etsy, the pride of Dumbo’s Silicon Beach neighborhood, is getting into the trendy field of providing its users with recommendations about which products they might like. 

Fred Wilson, whose Union Square Ventures is an investor in Etsy, blogged about the new recommendation service, Etsy Taste Test, this morning. 

The idea is you click on stuff you like and Etsy builds a “taste map” for you. The end result is a set of recommendations for you. As Etsy has grown, the ‘discovery problem’ has become an issue. Etsy has a bunch of stuff coming out to address that issue and this is an example of one of them. Give it a try and let me know what you think.” 

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Responses to the new service were mixed. Most folks found the recommendations too simplistic and didn’t get that curated, “wow” factor. But this is just the beginning. Recommendation engines improve each time another user adds his or her taste to the graph. 

And as Wilson pointed out in response to the less-than-impressed, “Etsy quadrupled the size of its engineering team this year and we are just starting to see the results of that.” 

Its interesting that Etsy is choosing to build its own recommendation service, while fellow NY startup Hunch is trying to sell its taste graph as a platform that powers recommendations on third party sites.

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Brooklyn’s Etsy Gets Into The Recommendation Game