Carine Roitfeld A Self-Proclaimed Good Luck Charm

Hiring? Check out WWD’s interview with Vogue Paris editor in chief Carine Roitfeld, who is stepping down at the end of January. Roitfeld claims to have no position lined up yet, and her interview almost has us believing it. It reads like a resume, with Roitfeld touching on her skills as a freelancer, a leader, and a good-luck charm.

Her journalistic ethics, however, speak for themselves. When asked whether she will do consulting work, as people say she did throughout her tenure as editor, she offers this baffling response:

I don’t do any consulting work or advertising. I was the muse of Tom Ford and Gucci for years, but that was a long time ago. There have always been these false rumors. It’s like the talk about me going to U.S. Vogue – rumors travel fast. They are false rumors, and, of course, if I leave and I get interesting offers, I will do it. Why not, now that I can? But it is not even one of my priorities. It might not be the most fun thing for me to do. I consult for people every day, because people are always asking me who they should pick as the face of their next advertising campaign, which photographer. I go to view collections and shows because apparently I am a good-luck person. A lot of my friends are stylists, so I do consult for them, but I think that’s part of my role. But in a completely friendly way. It’s always fun when people ask you for advice. I find it entertaining and I have always done it, and that’s where you see the power of Vogue, which is that people listen to us.

We love how chatty and open Roitfeld is, but we have to agree with her self-assessment–she is “too rock ‘n’ roll for American Vogue.”

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Carine Roitfeld A Self-Proclaimed Good Luck Charm