CHANGES, PRODUCTS, TOUGH, I KNOW: The Yahoo Layoff Memo Word Cloud

After a month of rumors, 600 Yahoo employees are finally getting the axe.

CEO Carol Bartz sent out a buzzword-heavy but still pretty straight-talkin’ memo this morning letting Yahoos know that the company would be laying off four percent of its employees right before the holidays, which was leaked to AllThingsD.

Sympathetic segue, followed by the harsh inevitable truth:

I want to share some tough news with you. Today, we began notifying some Yahoos that they will lose their jobs.

Apparently the reason for this is Products. Underperforming products, non-core products, products cost structure and the new Product operations plan. Round product, square company. 

We ran Bartz’s memo through to create the word cloud at the right (click to enlarge). You get the picture.

The unfortunate chosen ones will be taken care of, Bartz promises:

It’s never easy to say goodbye to Yahoos we know and work with, especially before the holidays. Please know that we’re helping those affected with severance pay and benefits, plus services to help them find other jobs.

How about throwing in some iPads so ex-Yahoos don’t have to skimp on Christmas presents?

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