Check Out Etsy’s Adorable Office

etsy stay handmade Check Out Etsys Adorable OfficeEtsy’s spacious office in DUMBO is as whimsical as the site.

The desks, checkered office curtains and office embellishments like a six-foot pair of wooden eyeglasses were all purchased on the site, which The New York Times calls an “online bazaar” from a “crafty company” in a story today about how Etsy “eats its own dogfood” by buying some of the vintage and handcrafted items on the site.

New employees get $100 to spend on quirky accoutrement. How about a personalized trashcan? Or a pen that looks like it’s covered in barnacles, and a pen holder made out of Capri Sun pouches? Talk about flair!

The result is that the office looks a little like Alice’s Wonderland. The Times doesn’t even mention the trippy phone booths.

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