Citi Opens Space Bank in Union Square

Citibank is taking the free lollipops to the next level.

Citibank opened The Bank of the Future in Union Square today, a flagship branch featuring technology from Singapore and Hong Kong that makes simple financial transactinos look  like something out of Minority Report.

Customers can browse banking products at one of six touchscreen “sales walls” or watch TV on one of the “media walls,” Mashable reports.

And whenever a certain amount of people check in to the branch on Foursquare, a video panel shows which users are inside the branch.

“We want this branch to be more than just a bank,” Brad Dinsmore, Citigroup’s head of retail banking in North America, said in a speech at the opening ceremony. “We want this branch to be a place where customers view it as a hub, a center of the community, if you will. A place where they feel warm and welcome, that they can come in and experience our free Wi-Fi access.”

Sounds cozy–we’re adding Citibank to the list of places to get free Wi-Fi.

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Citi Opens Space Bank in Union Square