CollegeHumor’s Ricky Van Veen Is Excited

When you score a New Yorker profile at age 23, where do you go next?

Ricky Van Veen, the 29-year old CEO of CollegeHumor, posed for cheesy photos in New York Magazine this week and talked about how to make funny:

Van Veen also loves stunts and weird pranks, such as when he hung IN-N-OUT BURGER COMING SUMMER 2010 signs in Union Square for April Fool’s Day. He describes this hobby as “selectively putting an obscene amount of effort into absolutely trivial matters,” adding, “the ideal end result is somebody scratching their head and saying, ‘It has to be real, because I can’t imagine why anybody would bother doing this.’ ”

CollegeHumor started out as a site for user-submitted videos and photos of things that happen when you add college to drinking, but now the IAC/Barry Diller-owned site produces original content engineered to go viral. “He’s worthy,” Diller said of Van Veen.

Van Veen maintains a blog called “Get Excited!!!” where he posts about his rock and roll lifestyle, FourLoko, and drops one-liners: “Anyone know where I can find some press coverage of The Social Network?” and “I wish I had ordered the grilled chicken caesar salad. #RejectedMyGenerationBillboards.”

Meanwhile, back at the meme factory: Rudolf The Regular Reindeer, Very Mary Kate: Sexy Time, and The Photoshop Tutorial Rap.

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CollegeHumor’s Ricky Van Veen Is Excited