Come Along on Tim Geithner’s Trip to Asia!

Oh, awkward.
The G20 meeting is like the Olympics for finance ministers, except that they've been hosting it every six months since the global financial system almost collapsed in 2008. Maybe if the global athletic system almost collapsed, we'd have the Olympics every six months, too, until everyone got sick of Michael Phelps.


geithnerjapan 300x199 Come Along on Tim Geithners Trip to Asia!Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner started a blog today, and that was inspiring enough already, but when The Observer discovered Mr. Geithner’s Treasury Department Flickr feed, we were nearly beside ourselves. For the first time, readers were invited on a virtual trip alongside Mr. Geithner through different Asian cities! Come join us in experiencing the sights, speeches, and cuisine of the Nov. 4-12 Treasury Department tour of the continent. It’s the next best thing to being right there with the Treasury Secretary himself!

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