Crispy: The Internet’s Best Anonymous Fashion Blogger Knows The Secret

The current it-site for fashion blog aficionados is the wildly inventive and undiably crisp Tumblr, Fuck Yeah Menswear. The posts are literally poetry, free-verse flows mainlined into the pleasure lobe and cut with both the slang and tempo of hip-hop and the self-aware knowledge of blog mechanics.

Slate took a look at it in late October, and now GQ has landed an interview with the totally anonymous genius behind Fuck Yeah Menswear. Let’s watch as it tries to pick apart the id of this steez-rocking, crispy, reblog-laden poet laureate of style Tumblrs.

GQ: Juelz Santana often brags on his Twitter: “I hopped up out the bed I don’t have to turn my swag on…it’s in my blood I don’t know how to turn it off.” But surely a dude has to spend some time and energy getting fresh in the morning, right? What’s the quickest and easiest way for a guy to turn his swag on?
FYMW: This all depends on how naturally crispy you are. Me, I don’t have to do shit, but that should be pretty clear at this point. The quickest and easiest way for your everyday wannabe herb? Read FYMW, obviously.

GQ: Should a man have any other hobbies besides looking fresh and blogging about it?
FYMW: Yeah, you want to diversify your activities. Throw in macking on bomb dot com broads and you’ve pretty much pinned down what I do on the reg.

And that’s just a taste. When asked what his favorite “Wes Andy” movie is, instead of copping out and being all like “Royal Tenenbaums,” FYMW responded that he/she only watches Face-Off. “The epitome of steez is Nick Cage’s face,” the blogger explained. “No homme-o.”

For those who need clarification, we’ll let Kanye take it: “That’s Dior Homme — not Dior, homie.”

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Crispy: The Internet’s Best Anonymous Fashion Blogger Knows The Secret