Criticism Mounting of City’s Snow Clean-Up

Brooklyn state Senator Carl Kruger sent out a release today slamming the Bloomberg administration on its snow removal efforts in the wake of one of the biggest blizzards ever to hit the City.

“Forecasters predicted this blizzard days in advance. There was clearly insufficient planning, and New Yorkers are paying too steep a price. Someone has to be accountable,” Kruger said.

Kruger compared the clean-up response to the so-called “Lindsay Snowstorm” of 1969, when a slow effort to clear the streets after a blizzard ended up derailing the presidential ambitions–and much of the mayoral ambitions, for that matter–then mayor John Lindsay.

Kruger also called on City Council Sanitation Committee Chair Letitcia James to hold hearings about reports that FDNY has a backlog of 1,300 911 calls and that even critical calls are facing a three-hour delay.

“How many people are going to die today because our streets haven’t been cleared?” Sen. Kruger asked.

James said that she in fact planned on holding hearings, and similarly slammed the administration’s response.

“The response has been poor. I live on a major throughfare in Brooklyn and it has been almost impassable,” she said. I do note that this is this sixth largest storm in the city’s recorded history and I note that the wind gusts are considerable. I understand all of that, but the response is inadequate. There are not enough workers.”

The criticism is coming from some unlikely corners. Republican councilman Dan Halloran wrote on Twitter today, “Manhattan, there are 5 boroughs in NYC” in light of reports that subways are still not running in the outer boroughs and there remains streets there that have not been plowed. Even MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann has gotten in on the act, using his Twitter feed to keep up running criticism of the administration, writing, “NYC littered with w/abanonded City buses and Bloomberg is bitching about people not shoveling their sidewalks. Condescension personified.”

Bloomberg has gotten in trouble with snow removal efforts before. In 2007, he was accused of having a tin ear after the City issued parking tickets despite the fact that most cars were buried under snow.


Criticism Mounting of City’s Snow Clean-Up