DeBlasio Details Citizens United Spending

bill de blasio speaks DeBlasio Details Citizens United SpendingPublic Advocate Bill deBlasio, who has made unregulated campaign spending his personal crusade, is out with a report this afternoon detailing exactly what impact Citizen’s United had on the 2010 election cycle.

The answer? A lot.

According to DeBlasio, the Citizens United Supreme Court decision was responsible for $85 million in U.S. Senate races, which accounted for 15% of total political spending this election cycle. He also found that groups that do not have to disclose who their contributors spent far more on negative ads than other groups.

“The 2010 elections offer the first indication of what the Citizens United decision means for our democracy.  Removing transparency, and the accountability that comes with it, have clearly made it easier for special interests to fund negative campaign ads without repercussion.  This unprecedented anonymous spending threatens voters and investors alike,” de Blasio said in a statement.

It has been interesting to watch how de Blasio covers the public advocate’s office, a seat which can pretty much be defined by whomever occupies it.  Marl Green used it to tangle with Rudy Giuliani. Betsy Gotbaum focused on constituent services. De Blasio seems to use it as a mix between his council office–focusing on bad landlords and the like–and a megaphone to bring attention to national political issues.

Regardless, full report below


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