Doormen Get The Darndest Gifts! The Highs and Lows of Holiday Tipping

There may be no definitive right amount to tip your doorman at Christmas time. Perhaps no more than $100 is advisable, some say, but others obviously give much more or much less. In some cases, residents give nothing at all.

With Christmas on the horizon, The New York Times polled a cross-section of the city’s intrepid entrance way watchers and found that there’s no limit on the creativity of gift-givers. The kind ones went out of their way to secure for their doorman an item, other than cash, that would display some extra thought. This kindheartedness yielded, among other items, $3000 for the doorman’s wedding; Britney Spears’ signature perfume; Paul Louis Brut Champagne, a box set of Ray Charles CDs; and a pair of Guess jeans.

Some gifts, though, were a bit more unusual. The doormen interviewed also received Rice Krispies treats (“But I ate them, so I guess it wasn’t that bad”); A smoking jacket (“I think I need an ascot for that”); and a collection of cuff links (“I treasure them”).

But, hey, a gift is a gift, right?

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