Elsewhere: Friend Against Friend

Peter King assembled New York’s new Republican House members to warn them about the coming redistricting fight.

Charlie Rangel has started a legal defense fund.

A look at the perils of snow politics.

The Daily Kos compares the responses of Chris Christie and Cory Booker.

Christie, of course, is at Disney World.

This was not a good day to be a commuter.

Joe Flood says Mayor Bloomberg’s management skills don’t match his reputation.

The LCA honored the late Jay Gallegher.

Unions are going to hold a candlelit vigil for the soon-to-be unemployed state workers.

Sarah Palin’s support is sinking among Republicans.

Nate Silver likes Obama’s chances in 2012.

A lead actress departed the Spider-Man musical.

Groups opposed to DADT are latching onto “the shower issue.”

Alex Pareene compares the responses of Christie and Bloomberg to the storm:  both checked out and unprepared, and both should suffer dearly among their constituents.

E.J. Dionne’s take on the Snowpacalypse:  In the middle of something like this, big philosophical debates about government don’t mean much. You just want government to do its job getting the streets and highways clear, the transit running, and emergency services responding quickly.

Elsewhere: Friend Against Friend