Elsewhere: Smart, Savvy, Italian-American, and, of course, Unavailable for an Interview

Pedro Espada was indicted for stealing federal money from his health clinic.

Espada conveniently unveiled his reform agenda today.

Andrew Cuomo received rabbinical clearance for his inauguration.

State Senate Democratic staffers are polishing their resumes

Crossroads G.P.S., the conservative group headed by Karl Rove, already has Tim Bishop in its sights.

WFP on the move.

Andrew Zambelli, Andrew Cuomo’s handler-in-chief is in many ways typical of Andrew Cuomo’s inner circle. He’s a Mario man who has known known the governor-elect for decades; he has very little name recognition, and no apparent appetite for it; he’s smart, savvy, Italian-American, and, of course, unavailable for an interview,” Dana Rubenstein reports.

Political consultants aren’t into the No Labels movement

Centrism has an anthem.

All of a sudden everybody loves Joe Lieberman.

Mayor Bloomberg got the Prairie Home Companion treatment

More on Richard Holbrooke’s last words.

Top G.O.P 2012 contenders don’t like the tax cut deal.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is whitewashing a mural it commissioned due to its anti-war and anti-capitalist imagery.

Another bump on the road to medical marijuana legalization in New Jersey

Bush realizes the drag that his name has on the Tax Cut ticket.