Extreme Trading: Boston Beer Bubbles … and More!

Shares of the maker of Samuel Adams beer rose 12 percent to an all-time high Wednesday after the company announced improved earnings guidance for 2010.
Shares of recreatonal vehicle maker Winnebago jumped 14 percent Thursday after the company swung to a profit from a year-ago loss and its CEO said sales are up.
Shares of credit-card company Visa were falling 5.7 percent Thursday after the Federal Reserve said it was planning to impose a cap on the fees credit card companies could charge retailers.
Foreclosure rates dropped 21 percent in November to hit a two-year low. Good news, except that much of the decline could be attributed to banks' temporary foreclosure moratoriums.

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Shares of children's reading company Scholastic took a 7.6 percent plunge Thursday after the company's quarterly earnings fell short of Wall Street expectations.
The price of gold, which had been on a record-setting tear of late, dropped $20 to $1365 Thursday as investors took profits from the meteoric rise.
The Taiwan Dollar was pummeling the U.S. dollar this week as it hit a 13-year high against its stateside counterpart Tuesday.

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a two-year high Tuesday, fueled in part by optimism that U.S. consumers were spending more liberally this shopping season.

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