Fail Whale Designer To Promote Art That’s Not Associated With Endless Irritation

There may be no better symbol for the breaking-down of an internet superpower than the Fail Whale. That whimsical cartoon image – the white leviathan improbably lifted by a team of orange “tweetie” birds – is linked so inextricably with our feeling of frustration over Twitter being down, and for that reason it’s become iconic. It’s something that will someday have a place in the Smithsonian, if it’s not there already.

But what about the artist behind this simple little design? Well, apparently she has other works as well! Yiying Lu, a Chinese-born Australian, will hold her first North American exhibition tonight in San Francisco. Her company, Walls360, is hosting the show, and she has curated it to go along with the mantra she chose as its tag line: “art for everywhere.”

“Art [is] no longer just on the canvas,” Lu told Cnet. “I wanted to introduce new ways for people trapped by every day life and don’t have time to appreciate art.”

The show will reveal to the world pieces of art that attempt to distance herself, in a way, from the “Oh shit Twitter is down!” hysteria that her whale drawing now inspires. One of the pieces was even comissioned to be a polar opposite of her most famous work: “Win Penguins.” That painting, which you can see below, features two cuddly arctic critters on the alter, about to wed. Awwwww!

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