Fashion Gets An Analytics Dashboard

The fashion industry revolves around rapidly changing trends, with market leaders emerging from the pack thanks to their ineffable sense of style.

Now Polyvore, a site where users can clip items from anywhere on the web and mix and match them to create “look books,” is trying to bring some data-driven web analytics to this world.

The beta tool, Style Analytics, will launch tomorrow on Polyvore’s site for anyone to try out. It would enable brands to see how thousands of users are experimenting with their products, what items they are matching them with and what style trends are emerging around them.

“The fashion industry, from designing to merchandising and marketing is inefficient and not data driven,” Jess Lee, Polyvore’s co-founder and head of product management, told All Things D. “Our goal is to open it up and make it more democratic and more data driven.”

The tool will undoubtedly help mainstream brands recognize how real people are using their items and what trends they can capitalize on. It will be interesting to see if high fashion designers deign to sample data from the great unwashed masses as their source of inspiration.

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Fashion Gets An Analytics Dashboard