Four Guys in NYC Have Made the Entire Web Your Music Library. You’re Welcome

Four guys in New York have released the second version of ExtensionFM, or exfm, a browser add-on that lets you tag music all over the web for streaming, tweeting, favoriting and playlisting, TechCrunch reported yesterday.

Exfm detects music files on websites and saves them for you, building up a library of songs you can stream from the web. “The web is now your music library” is the description of the extension, which is only available for Chrome but coming to other browsers soon.

Also neat: If someone tweets an exfm link, you can play the song without leaving Twitter.

Exfm is a good way to discover and share music (and listen to it for free). It’ll start to look even more attractive once Google releases its browser-based operating system for netbooks, Chrome OS, set to release later this year. Why have music take up space on your machine when you can keep it in the cloud?

Exfm has raised $500,000 from various investors, including the New York-based incubator Betaworks.

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