Foursquare Launched Photos and Comments Just in Time for Snowpocalypse

Foursquare users started uploading a photo a second almost immediately after the company made it possible to post photos and comments with location-based check ins–just as a highly photogenic event hit New York City.

Users have been appending photos to their check ins at the usual locations–home, the bar, the movies–but they’ve also been checking into the snowstorm itself.

So far 10,308 people have checked in to “Snowpocalyspe 2010” on Foursquare and uploaded 114 photos of cars buried in snow, bikes buried in snow, snowy train tracks, snowy front stoops.

Tags for the trending event include snow, cold, cold balls, no work, stay inside, slush, flurricane, hilarious, day off, blizzard, melodramatic, water, snowball fights, winter, for the lolz, epic swarm, shovelling!!, weather, snow, storm, the white stuff, and cold cold cold. Tips include “drink cheap wine and stay home” and “love watching people wipe out on the sidewalks!”

The same event in Boston drew 453 check ins and three photos.

Expect to see more Foursquare documentation as users venture out into the city today.

ajeffries [at] | @adrjeffries