Google CEO Eric Schmidt Loose in Manhattan

Google CEO Eric Schmidt famously said, “Just don’t do anything wrong and you’ll be okay.” He was responding to concerns about privacy in a world where Google powers your maps, your phone, your computer, your email and soon, your car.

Well today Schmidt was spotted ambulating around Lower Manhattan, fresh off a jaunt in Washington, D.C. yesterday, where he was reportedly late for a meeting with Barack Obama and a group of high-powered tech CEOs. “Google maps must not have worked for Eric Schmidt today!” crowed Google blogger The Droid Guy.

Schmidt was in New York for the mayor’s announcement of a new engineering and applied research campus. He then swung by NYC to visit the new Google office at 111 8th Ave., the Boardwalk of Internet properties, but apparently wandered off to buy olive oil and glower at the Apple store:

Schmidt was first spotted at W. 15th and 9th Ave. in Chelsea, at a store that sells olive oil:

Google CEO Eric Schmidt

And then at the Apple store at 14th and Perry in the West Village:


We’re watching you too, Schmidt!

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt Loose in Manhattan