Google Enemy #1, DecorMyEyes, Charged With Cyberstalking

decormyeyes warning Google Enemy #1, DecorMyEyes, Charged With Cyberstalking 

Vitaly Borker, the man behind, was arrested today for allegedly scheming to defraud his customers and then cyberstalking anyone who complained.

The Brooklyn based Borker, a.k.a. “Tony Russo” and “Stanley Bolds” told New York Times reporter David Segal that providing lousy customer service was part of his business strategy to get more links on the Internet and therefore better placement in Google.

“The customer is always right – not here, you understand?” Borker berated one customer over the phone in Segal’s presence. “I hate that phrase – the customer is always right. Why is the merchant always wrong? Can the customer ever be wrong? Is that not possible?”

Segal’s article also quoted a customer who was bullied and threatened by Borker after she complained about a purchase. Borker called her credit card company pretending to be her and threatened her, saying, “I know your address. I’m just one bridge over.”

The dust-up after the New York Times story led Google to make an official statement that it would be changing its search algorithm so that a company could not get better placement by accuring negative reviews on the Internet.

“Have a look at this publicity stunt! WOW we are famous,” @Decormyeyes tweeted after the NYT story came out. But today — silence.

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