Grabbing Gaga’s Gigabytes! Underaged Germans Pull Off Massive Pop Star Computer Hack

If, hypothetically, two young German lads were to hack into the computers of the world’s biggest pop stars – such as Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and others – what would the next move be? If you said haughtily brag about it on the internet and set yourself up to be caught very easily, you would be absolutely correct! Unfortunately for these two very real German kids, one 23 years old and the other just 17, mouthing off about these sorts of things can only get you in trouble, and now the FBI is bringing the law.

The tech whiz kids penetrated Gaga and the others using programs called Trojans, which are apparently a fairly simple and common way to access private property online. They intended to sell unreleased music for large profits, and when they did, fans of Kelly Clarkson – another star among the hacked – alerted the authorities.

The online-heist perpetrators also claimed that they had in their possession a picture of pop star Ke$ha “naked and having sex,” the story in The Telegraph claims, but when they tried to blackmail her with it “no money exchanged hands.” So it sounds like she actually wants the picture to leak. Who knew Ke$ha had that much PR savvy?

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