Grace Coddington Can’t Recognize Piers Morgan

Once his stint taking over for Larry King starts Jan. 17, Piers Morgan should be as instantly recognizable as any TV personality. But for now, the British host may still need to work on his visibility on this side of the pond.

It was your average celebrity-packed night at the Waverly Inn, and inside Graydon Carter’s West Village restaurant sat fellow member of the Conde Nast cognoscenti, Vogue‘s Grace Coddington. We know from our runway-side interactions with Team Anna that Grace can be quite the intimidating person to encounter, perhaps the scariest of the editrix’s entourage. But if you’re Piers Morgan, and you’re sitting in Graydon’s restaurant just tables away, it’s only customary to go and introduce yourself. “Vogue did a big feature on me in October,” Piers must have thought to himself. “Grace will be happy to meet me.”

But, as a witness told Page Six, things didn’t go quite as smooth as the soon-to-be CNN yapper could have imagined. He approached her, gushed about how she was his idol — “I loved your documentary!” — and got nothing from Grace but a cold blank stare.

“You had me in your magazine, remember?” Piers Morgan pleaded.

Another stare.

“Then she remembered,” Morgan told Page Six. “Or pretended to.”

Graydon! Don’t you give out seating charts for these situations? C’mon, you don’t want discord at the Waverly.

But Piers’ night was saved by a guy who’s pretty experienced at saving foreign dignitaries: Kiefer Sutherland, in full-on “24” mode.

“Kiefer Sutherland came over and said he’d come on the show,” Morgan said. “He gave me the Jack Bauer line, ‘Go kill it, Piers.’ “

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Grace Coddington Can’t Recognize Piers Morgan