Guy Ditches Car in Middle of Park Slope Street, Dares to Blog About It

Neil Egan is a designer for Harry N. Abrams books. Like many New Yorkers, he was highly inconvenienced by the blizzard of 2010. 

On Sunday, he and his partner made the 400-mile drive from Cleveland to Brooklyn. They were driving a midsize rental from Hertz. Snow was falling. Cars were getting stuck everywhere. But Neil persisted. He’d come too far to give up—not when he was so close to home.

What happened next is detailed on Egan’s blog

The sidestreet that intersected there (President St) looked unplowed, but some other big vehicles must have driven down it recently, partially clearing a way, and leaving deep tire tracks. I decided to give it a try…. 

Bad idea. The car got stuck in the middle of President Street in Park Slope. So what did Neil do? Start digging? Ask neighbors for help? No, he grabbed his dog and some of his stuff and walked the remaining eight blocks home to Park Place. Then he hoofed it back to the car, got the rest of his stuff, and had a massive burrito! 

Egan’s vehicle was but one of the many obstacles around the city Mayor Bloomberg was talking about at a press conference yesterday, when he said of the delayed responses to 911 emergency calls, “Your car stuck in the middle of the road made things worse.”

That said, there’s plenty of blame to go around.

We’ve reached out to Egan for a comment on his behavior. Leaving the rental we get. But blogging about it? For god’s sake, what were you thinking?

Guy Ditches Car in Middle of Park Slope Street, Dares to Blog About It