Habib Kairouz of Rho Ventures: “You Can Build a Very Successful Company in New York”

Habib Kairouz, a New Yorker and managing partner at Rho Ventures, talked about the rise of Silicon Alley during an interview with TechCrunch last week.

“New York has gone through an incredible transformation in the last ten years,” he told TechCrunch’s Sarah Lacy. “There’s an incredibly vibrant community of startups, of entrepreneurs, of real entrepreneurs not people looking to make a quick buck.”

New York is killing it because of the big media, advertising and fashion industries based here, Kairouz said.

There is also now a small legacy of people in the city who made money in the tech industry, he said. “You’ve seen your friends, you’ve seen your neighbors, you’ve seen your family be successful at it,” he said.

Kairouz is an example of how some talent in New York refocused on the tech industry.

Prior to joining Rho Ventures, Kairouz worked in investment banking and leveraged buyouts in New York with Reich & Co. and Jesup & Lamont. He joined Rho in 1993 where he focuses on investments in new media, information technology and communication companies from seed stage to growth equity.

He’s impressed by how active the startup community is now.

“There is literally an event a week,” he said. Hmm…managing partners must not get out as much, because we’re pretty sure there is a tech event every night. 

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