Hacked Gawker Users Spread Acai Berry Worm Over Twitter

del harvey tweet Hacked Gawker Users Spread Acai Berry Worm Over TwitterA mischievous link advertising acai berries has been spreading rapidly across Twitter this morning.

At first it appeared to be a worm, but Twitter’s head of Safety, Del Harvey, is now saying this is part of an ongoing attack on Gawker Media by the hacker grouper Gnosis

Users who had the same password for their Gawker and Twitter accounts have had their Twitter feeds hijacked. 

The tweets direct users to a website called acainews.com, but according to a report on Mashable, there is no malicious code at this site. 

For now, it seems this is just a way to embarrass and annoy Gawker by toying with the Twitter accounts of Gawker readers. 

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