Halfway House Coming to Tribeca Lofts?

There have been thousands of foreclosures in the city — and thousands more to come! — but none, that The Observer knows of, have involved a drug and alcohol rehab center, certainly not in the city’s most expensive neighborhood.

The Real Deal is reporting that the Betty Ford of the Midwest, Hazelden, has beat out 10 competitors for a six-story Tribeca beauty on West Broadway. Whereas the other bidders were looking to maintain the project, developed by Brad Zackson, as condos, Hazelden apparently wants to turn it into a rehab center.

The $10 million deal is not yet done, but it will be interesting to see what the neighbors think. When halfway houses and methadone clinics comes to outer-borough neighborhoods, as is often the case, there is plenty of local outcry. What about in one of the city’s toniest corners? It would be more equitable not to warehouse addicts only in poor neighborhoods, but also all the more controversial.

Then again, just a block south of Canal, the center will be on the border of Soho and Tribeca, notorious celeb haunts. Perhaps this will become a happy alternative to Thai monasteries for the likes of Lilo and the rest of New York’s debauched glitterati.


Halfway House Coming to Tribeca Lofts?