Hey Dudes! Thrillist Wants To Give You “Bad A$$” Deals

guns 1 Hey Dudes! Thrillist Wants To Give You Bad A$$ DealsThrillist, the city-specific daily recommendations email, is jumping into the exciting world of group buying with an eye on the dude market.

Thrillist Rewards launched recently as a weekly email offering the kind of “rewards” and discounts that might appeal to urban, affluent young men. Hand-crafted cigars, sushi and a samurai lesson, half off your own custom comic or a day trip shooting silenced pistols “right outside the city.”

Unlike Groupon, there’s no tipping point for deals–just a limited number of offers or a limited timeframe to grab the deal.

Thrillist offers merchants the chance to be part of offers curated by Thrillist for a Thrillist audience, instead of “showcasing to the world that they’re desperate and willing to give 90 percent of the tab away just to bring new customers in,” said VP of business development Mike Rothman.

Thrillist is entering a pretty crowded space, but it’s targeting a good niche. Users of Groupon, which also combines the economics of group buying with a staff that works with merchants to craft deals, are 77% women. Thrillist is already on its way to winning the dude demographic with its email list and daily deal site JackThreads.

It feels as though the site is trying a little too hard with the machismo. The deal on shooting silenced guns, described as “an outing that could only be more James Bond if you added a fat man with a deadly bowler hat” instructs takers to “Enjoy your most bad a$$ day.”

Then again, the deal is sold out.

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