Inferior Baldwin Brother Takes Kevin Costner to Court For Oil-Stained Cash

Was today one of those mornings when you roused yourself from bed, stretched, yawned and then thought to yourself, “Whatever is that Stephen Baldwin character up to these days?”

Well, Santa Claus came early this year. In what may be the biggest Stephen Baldwin news since his appearence in Slap Shot 2: Breaking The Ice, the brother of truly famous Alec is taking other more-famous person Kevin Costner to court over a oil cleanup machine they both invested in, The Telegraph reports.

The suit is asking Costner for $3.3 million to make up for the presumed value of the shares Baldwin sold for just $500,000 before BP purchased the equiptment for the oil spill relief. That deal made $38 million in profit, and Stephen Baldwin belives he is owed a larger cut.

This bromance between the two middle-aged silver screen figures, once partners in this investment, seems to have profoundly soured. But who would have thought that Stephen Baldwin could prove so thoughtless when it came to science and technology? He did, after all, star in Bio-Dome.

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