iPod Nano Watches Could Be Kickstarter’s First Million-Dollar Deal

The iPod Nano watch project that is setting the record for most money raised on the New York-based fundraising site Kickstarter is inching toward a million bucks.

With 29 hours to go and $840,124 collected so far, the Kickstarter team is eager to go platinum. Spokesman Justin Kazmark reached out to The Observer tonight by email to gin up some hype for the LunaTik and TikTok kits, which convert an iPod Nano into a touchscreen face for a slick wristwatch.

“With close to 12,000 backers and more than $800,000 past its initial $15k funding goal, the project is already an incredible success,” Kazmark wrote. “We’ve seen numerous projects rally strongly in their final 24 hours. We’re unsure if it can make the $1M milestone, but we’re excited about the prospect and we’ll be watching!”

The LunaTik/TikTok project was proposed by Chicago designer Scott Wilson, who told The Observer two weeks ago that he wouldn’t be quitting his day job. That was when the project was at half a million dollars.

The project took off after it was linked by top tech blogger and Apple fanboy John Gruber and got traction in the online design and hacker communities.

You can see the Kickstarter team, based in the East Village, looking appropriately giddy in 14 animated .gifs on their site. Kickstarter gets a five percent cut of projects that are successfully funded.

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iPod Nano Watches Could Be Kickstarter’s First Million-Dollar Deal