James Gorman Will Throw Bonus Blabbermouths Out of the Building

Morgan Stanley boss James Gorman, already something of a Wall Street anomaly for his professed aversion to narcissism and lavish bonuses, is taking his war on high-finance culture to another level. The New York Post reports that he’ll get physical with employees who talk to the press about their bonuses:

Morgan Stanley Chief Executive James Gorman raised some eyebrows during a routine conference this week when he threatened to “personally escort” [out] anyone found leaking any details of the firm’s compensation levels to the media, The Post has learned.

Gorman, who has been pushing hard to keep the lid on bonuses and has railed against the superstar mentality on Wall Street, unexpectedly read the riot act to about 500 managing directors during the usually staid year-end conference call, according to sources familiar with the call.

The Post also says Mr. Gorman has taken up boxing since assuming the CEO position at Morgan Stanley. This certainly helps his chances in a fight against an insubordinate employee, but also raises an important question. Who would win in a fight: Gorman the pugilist or former rugby player, “hand-to-hand combat” enthusiast and Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan?

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James Gorman Will Throw Bonus Blabbermouths Out of the Building