John Hall Warns of Creeping Facism: Readers Respond

1976 orleans congress 65 John Hall Warns of Creeping Facism: Readers RespondOur interview with John Hall earlier this week–the one where he warned that the corporate control of government in the wake of the Citizens United decision–brought out a bug response from from both our Republican and Democratic readers.

Writes Bill Bongiorno, the founder of the Northern Westchester Tea Party patriots:


John Hall is a joke.  He is the fascist who voted for an unconstitutional “healthcare” bill.
He voted for every government expansion and take over of the private sector and every tax increase
and taxpayer bailout.  How is government control of private industry that he voted for not fascism?
He complains about corporate donations, yet the tax payer has to
fund ACORN that funds the Dems.  This is unconstitutional. Taxpayer money funds NPR,
a left wing media organ for the left wing fascists.  This is unconstitutional.

He claimed during his concession speech that Nan Hayworth bought her seat
and that money corrupts, etc., meanwhile he spent the same $1.5 million that she did.  He is a liar
and a socialist – just look at his voting record and his public statements.  He lost the election because
he was exposed.

Where is the balance in this article? Where is the other side?  Where is the tea party view? 


And writes one would-be-Hall backer:

Rep. John Hall’s “exit interview” in the Observer was disappointing. As a resident of his district and a supporter since he first ran for Congress, I was stunned by the weak, passive reelection campaign he ran.  Despite making contributions for years, we never received a single email or postal mailer from his campaign, saw a single TV ad or even noted many lawn signs (which BTW, were impossible to obtain from his campaign office). He was rarely seen at street festivals during the summer or fall nor was he visible in the news columns of the local papers on a frequent basis. Then, during a private fund raiser for Hall in September, most of the others in attendance shared similar stories and voiced our concerns directly to Hall after his (rambling and unfocused) remarks at the event. We  literally pleaded with him to step things up and also get us back on his e-mail list and send out talking points and other information in order for us to generate viral buzz for him through our various personal and professional networks. However, Hall was very defensive, frustratingly fatalistic and apparently in denial.  A staff member then quietly passed around an email sign up sheet, but there was never any follow up by the campaign.  We then reached out to a national political columnist whom we knew would be sympathetic to Hall but were told he had tried to contact Hall and his  press person to interview him and received no response over a 3 week period.  So now, after needlessly losing his seat to a Tea Party-endorsed candidate with no previous governmental or legislative experience, Hall shows up in the Observer claiming to be  a victim of creeping Fascism.  Frankly, had he given interviews to the Observer and other media outlets before November and conducted a more aggressive, competent campaign, my neighbors and I would not now be worrying about how to get the seat back in progressive hands in 2012.


Lloyd Trufelman
Katonah, NY